buster's sons

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does anyone know what happen to buster's 2 sons, james and william (or billy)? I remeber that his ex wife changed their last names to something else,

i was just curious if anyone knew
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    Wed, December 8, 2004 - 9:00 AM
    Funny there should be a post here after months of none- I was just watching a bit of the Cameraman last night trying to convince my girlfriend that Buster is not to be confused with the 3 Stooges and others she detests.... I had her watch the short scene where he finally gets the phone call from his date and manages to race across town before she hangs up - she said she'd give Buster a try someday...

    Anyway here's some info from a Keaton festival site that mentions the following about his kids, Jimmy and Bob, whose names were changed to Talmadge by the Harpies known as the Talmadge sisters.

    "Buster's Keaton's granddaughter, Melissa Talmadge Cox .attended the festivities. Melissa was delightful and enthusiastic. She brought family photos of her Keaton and Talmadge relatives, sharing them with individuals one-on-one. Pix included a family picnic  with Great-grandma Myra Keaton, Great Aunt Louise, Great Uncle Harry and Grandpa Buster. In one, small Melissa, in a swimsuit, holds hands in a wading pool with Grandpa Buster. Also, there was a rare photo of Grandpa sporting a big smile! Melissa's father, Jimmy and uncle, Bobby, are well and live in southern California. Melissa has two sons and a daughter, all high school-aged."
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      Wed, December 8, 2004 - 9:15 AM
      PS- The grandaughter, Melissa, helps support a Laughter is Medicine program at UCLA with relatives of Chaplin and others on the Board...
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        Wed, December 8, 2004 - 12:35 PM
        well I watched a bio on him last night and then looked ithe sons up on the net and I think that they changed their last names back to keaton when they had the chance to.
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        Wed, December 8, 2004 - 12:36 PM
        btw you should try to get your girlfriend to watch Harold Lloyd as well , he is fantastic to watch work
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          Wed, December 8, 2004 - 3:03 PM
          First, you're right about Harold Lloyd - he is second on my list..
          BTW - Lloyd's grandaughter has just put out a book of nudes by HL, and is planning DVD releases soon of his movies.

          I don't think Jimmy changed back to a Keaton because his daughter's maiden name is Talmadge. Jimmy was originally Joseph after Buster's dad, but as part of their anti-Buster vendetta the Talmadge's re-named him Jimmy.

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